3 ideas for spending the August 15th 2018 on Elba island

August 15th 2018 on Elba island

It is now time to start thinking about where to spend the summer holidays. And what is the most important day of the summer? August 15th, of course. Since, on this day, you will be on Elba island, here are three excellent ideas all for you.


1. Porto Azzurro

The first of the suggestions we give you is to spend the day of August 15th 2018 in one of the main population centers of the island. To be precise, the morning and afternoon will be dedicated to two of the most beautiful beaches of Porto Azzurro, of your choice: in our opinion, however, Barbarossa, one of the most famous in the area, is truly unmissable.

And in the evening? You should know that in Porto Azzurro certainly there are plenty of characteristic little restaurants overlooking the sea. Where to stop to taste an exquisite dinner of fish, accompanied by a good glass of wine and a view that you will not forget so easily.


2. Dancing

You want to spend in one way the night between August 14 and 15: dancing until the first light of dawn. And you can do that in one of the main discos of Elba island, or Club 64, Decò and Tinello. On the occasion of the August 15th, these three local will organize special evenings. Soon after, do you want to go directly to the beach, enjoying the sun and taking advantage of it to rest for a while? Club 64 and Decò are located at a short distance from Portoferraio and, above all, from its beautiful beaches, such as Sansone, Padulella and Forno.


3. Western ring

Finally, the third idea is also the most peculiar. There is a long coastal road, the western ring of Elba island, which goes from Procchio to Marina di Campo. This road is a succession of small beaches and picturesque villages. To spend a sort of August 15th 2018 on the road, among simply enchanting landscapes.


Among these three ideas to spend the August 15th 2018 on Elba island, surely you will find the one that is right for you. Not before, however, to have done one thing: book a place on one of the ferries to Elba island, after which your summer can officially begin.

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