Elba Island: where mitic Argonauts landed during their quest

Argonauts Elba IslandThe feats to find it are legend. Once they found it, they started the trip to bring the Golden Fleece to Pelias, who swore before Zeus that he would give up the throne at Jason’s return. During their trip back home, Argonauts landed on Elba Island.

Once they found it, Argonauts started their trip back home. During the trip, they landed on several islands and coasts. And one of this island was known as Aethalia. Here Argonauts found a perfect and safe place where to dock. And they built a port named Argon.

This perfect and safe place was spiaggia delle Ghiaie, one of the most beautiful beaches of Elba Island. And Aethalia was the ancient name of Elba Island, a place well-known for its beauty even during the Ancient Greece period.

Today, spiaggia delle Ghiaie is one of the most famous and appreciated beaches in the whole Elba Island. It’s a beach made of little and white pebbles smoothed by the sea. Where, maybe, there are still today traces of Jason and the band of heroes he guided: according to another legend, the dark stains on the beach are the beads of sweat of the Argonauts.


Image source: it.wikipedia.org

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