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August 15th 2018 on Elba island

3 ideas for spending the August 15th2018 on Elba island

It is now time to start thinking about where to spend the summer holidays. And what is the most important day of the summer? August 15th, of course. Since, on this day, you will be on Elba island, here are three excellent ideas all for you.   1. Porto Azzurro The first of the suggestions […]

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Elbaman triathlon 2018

Elbaman triathlon 2018: ready for one of the most demanding races?

Swimming, bike and race. Three words that describe one of the most challenging but also fascinating sporting competitions for any sportsman. As you surely understood, we are talking about the Elbaman triathlon, one of the most anticipated and followed competitions of this sport. Event that in 2018 will be held on September 30th.   For […]

  • Published: 12-07-2018
  • Category: Events
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Elba island bicycle ferry

Elba Island: how to embark the bicycle on the ferry

You want to bring the bike on Elba island, since the two wheels is the inseparable companion of your holiday and this won’t certainly be an exception. Do you need to know how to get it on board of the ferry? Here you will find all the information you need plus some good advice to […]

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Fluo color music festival Elba 2018

August: the Fluo color music festival 2018 is on Elba island

What summer is it without fun? If you also like dancing, even better if on the beach, and fluo gadgets, then you will surely be pleased to know that, on August 9th 2018, the Fluo color music festival will be on Elba island, to be precise on the beach of Marina di Campo.   Fluo […]

  • Published: 5-07-2018
  • Category: Events
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Radio stop festival 2018 Amici

Radio stop festival 2018 edition: “Amici” on Elba island

In the picture, you can admire a view of Porto Azzurro. That, on July 24th, will give you the opportunity to spend an evening of music and entertainment. In fact, this is the day on which, in Matteotti square, the Elba stage of the Radio stop festival 2018 will be held.   Music & Friends […]

  • Published: 2-07-2018
  • Category: Events
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Rino Gaetano tribute 2018 Elba

Elba Island 2018: The Malteni Family dedicates a tribute to Rino Gaetano

August 20 will be the turn of De André Day 2018. First, Elba island dedicates another tribute to an equally great singer-songwriter who has made, with his touching, ironic and denouncing songs, the history of Italian music: on 31st July 2018, in Marciana Marina, there will be a tribute to Rino Gaetano, 40 years of […]

  • Published: 28-06-2018
  • Category: Events
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Premio letterario la Tore isola d'Elba 2018

Elba Island: Philippe Daverio is the winner of the literary prize the Tore 2018

A cultural event that, this year, reaches its fourteenth edition. Which has rewarded distinguished names such as Giorgio Faletti and Andrea Camilleri. And also the 2018 edition of the Tore literary Prize on Elba island will certainly not be less.   Philippe Daverio Professor Philippe Daverio is the winner of the 2018 edition of the […]

  • Published: 25-06-2018
  • Category: Events
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De André day San Piero in Campo 2018

San Piero In Campo: stories, emotions and poetry of De André day 2018

The acoustic guitar was his instrument. The instrument with which he created the melodies that accompanied his stories, his tales, his poetry. Songs that will relive, once again, on 20 August 2018. When the new and always awaited edition of the De André day will take place in San Piero In Campo, an unmissable event […]

  • Published: 21-06-2018
  • Category: Events
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Elba Island cheaper ferries

Ferries to Elba island: which is cheaper?

In this photo, you can see a glimpse in which Portoferraio shows itself in all its striking beauty. To get there, you just have to book a place on one of the ferries to Elba island. Without renouncing to save money. And therefore: which costs less?   Comparison On the side, you can see our […]

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