Toremar: information about timetables, routes and tickets

Toremar is the public shipping Company that operates in concession and carries out the postal service for the group of islands of Tuscany. Born in 1975 but its roots are much older and date back to 1909.

It was 1909, in fact, when the Italian General Navigation didn’t demand the renewal of the convention for public and postal tran sport to the Islands of the Tuscan archipelago, therefore it proceeded to a notice of tender which saw as successful tenderer Carlo Lodi of Livorno. After two exercises and after commissioning the construction of five new steamers at the shipyards Orlando in Livorno, Lodi failed. The Com. Orlando managed to sell two steamers to other companies but, in order to use the remaining three, decided to set up in 1914 the anonymous company “Navigazione Toscana” that won the state convention for the Services of connection to the archipelago.

The service went on regularly during the First World War and the Convention was renewed. At the end of the Second World War, the company remained completely without ferries because of their use in war events and because of the sinking of the steamer “Andrea Sgarallino” by an English submarine, in September of ’43, while it made Civil transport service between Portoferraio and Piombino.

In the postwar period, therefore, the company proceeded to hire and reuses of previous reconverted military units. It should be noted that then the ships were used for the transport of passengers and goods and the very rare cars were loaded on board with cranes and nets in the same way as the merchandise.

After the twenty-year renewal of the convention in 1953 the company commissioned the construction of a new ferry, the “Aethalia“, which inaugurated in 1956 decreed the start of tourism on the island of Elba as it was fast and could carry 60 cars and 1,276 passengers . However, the old ferries, such as the “Portoferraio”, the “Porto Azzurro” and the “Rio Marina”, derived from old allied military units, continued to live together, and in the following years they were replaced by the “Ischia” motorboat and in 1974 From the “Flaminia Nuova” which later took the name of “Capo Bianco”.

In 1975, by law of the State, it provided to the new restructuring of the regional shipping companies and the concessions were therefore entrusted to the newly companies. To the creation of the Toremar (Tuscany Regional Maritime), contributed to 51% the Tirrenia navigation and to 49% the Tuscan navigation. The Toremar entered the line officially on January 1, 1976 inheriting all the ships of the Tuscan navigation. Between 1979 and 1980, three new and modern ferries were built with innovative anti-roll stabilizers: The “Planasia“, for the lines on Porto Azzurro, Rio Marina and Pianoa, and the twins “Marmorica” and “Oglasa“, still on line on Piombino-Portoferraio. In 1992, after the disarmament of the “Capo Bianco” comes the new “Aethalia” on the line Piombino-Portoferraio and the “Liburna” on the line Livorno-Gorgona-Capraia. In 1999 comes on line the fast medium “island of Capraia” but given the brevity of the process was not very suitable for the type of transport and therefore passed after a few years to Tirrenia while in 2005 it was added to the fleet “Giovanni Bellini” taken from Siremar and “Planasia” twin.

In 2010 Toremar was separated from the Tirrenia group in the process of privatisation and ceded to the Tuscan region, which quickly started the procedures for the privatization of the company and contextual convention for the custody of transport services between the Tuscan Islands and the coast. To win the race was the Moby who will manage the lines until 2024. For more information about the Toremar fleet and the services offered, you can contact the call centre at the telephone number or send an e-mail to

Here are the detailed charts of the Toremar fleet ships currently online as ferries to the island of Elba:

Toremar Ferry Schedules

The first ferry to the island of Elba leaves from the port of Piombino around 5:30 in the morning. On average the company makes departures every hour, but the schedules can vary according to seasonality. The first departure from the island of Elba is scheduled for 5 a.m. with destination Piombino.

The average travel time with the ferry is about an hour, unlike the 30 minutes if you decide to book a hydrofoil.

For more information see ferry timetables for Elba Island.


Ferry routes to the island of Elba

To reach the island of Elba you can book one of the following routes:

Offers tickets for ships and hydrofoils of Toremar

Through the online booking system it will be possible to compare all the ferry and hydrofoil offers of the Toremar company to and from the island of Elba. You will not need to go to the ticket office, but simply filling out the online form you can consult all the available times and choose the one best suited to your needs.


Booking conditions and boarding regulations

All passengers wishing to travel on the ferries and hydrofoils of the Toremar must be provided with a regular ticket. The travel title is personal, cannot be transferred to third parties and is valid only for the booked route. Boarding regulations stipulate that passengers without a vehicle will be able to check in at a time limit of 30 minutes after departure.  On the contrary, passengers with the following vehicle must present themselves at the pier at least one hour in advance and stand in a row following the provisions of the ship’s commander or his guardian.

All the embarked vehicles must be parked with the handbrake pulled, the gear engaged, the lights off, the alarm and anti-theft systems disconnected and the doors well closed. At the time of embarkation the passengers are required to take all valuables from their vehicles and the necessary for the crossing.

Passengers are entitled to carry free 20 kg of hand baggage on ferries and 10 on hydrofoils on the contrary, children paying the reduced rate are entitled to 10 kg on ferries and 4 on fast ships.

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