Corsica Ferries: information about timetables, routes and tickets

Corsica Ferries was born in 1968 when, due to the continuous strikes that blocked transport from France to Corsica operated in the monopolistic regime by the French state company, the island risked isolation.

It was then that Pascal Lota came up with the ingenious idea of creating a line between Corsica and Italy with a ferry ship built in 1937 but radically restored. Since then the success of the company has been accompanied by a continuous increase and modernization of the fleet, always abreast of the growing demands of the market and the continuous launching of new lines that have brought to birth with the years the other brands of the group of the yellow ships: Sardinia Ferries from 1981 and Elba Ferries from 1992 to 1997.

Innovation in the means in search of speed for a higher frequency of racing is the history of the last twenty years of Corsica ferries. In fact, in 1994 the company ordered three innovative fast ferries of the type Acquastrada capable of carrying 150 cars and 550 passengers to 37 knots.

Starting from the new millennium, was inaugurated the era of fast cruise ferries, a new type of large ferries with length above 150 meters and load capacity around 2000 passengers and 600 cars but at the same time capable of speed close to 30 knots. Currently, they represent the standard of the ships used on Sardinia and Corsica: The Mega Express (are currently 5) while 5 other ferries of the fleet have similar capacity of loading but speed between 19 and 22 knots.

The relationship between Corsica Ferries and the island of Elba has a history that was born in 1992, when the company Elba Ferries was founded which was to add to the existing Corsica Ferries and Sardinia ferries, the yellow and blue ships with the effigy of the head of Moor symbol of Corsica. The first operational ship on the Piombino-Portoferraio line was the “Elba Nova” which carried 600 people and 100 cars eight times a day between the two ports. In 1995 a small fast half was bought in ‘ 92 in Norway, renamed “Elba Express”, equipped with 4 engines and hydro-jet turbines.

In 1997, however, the large organizational and financial commitment that the Group had undertaken for the strong upgrading of the entire fleet and the delay in delivering the new specially ordered fast ships brought the company to reorganize The operative and temporarily sacrificing the line for the island of Elba concentrating on Corsica and Sardinia. It was a painful choice but even more suffered was to recover the assignment of the line in the following years, when in the meantime the spaces in the port of Piombino were occupied by competing companies.

Finally, from June 2012 Corsica Ferries will again be broken between Piombino and Portoferraio and also this time with a fast medium but with a far greater scope than in the past. It is, in fact, of the “HSC Corsica Express Seconda“: A nice fast half monocaressa built in ‘ 96 by the shipyards I.N.M.A. of La Spezia. You can contact the shipping company at the following telephone number 199.400.500.

Profiles of the Corsica Ferries shipd running to the Island of Elba:

Corsica Express Seconda

Timetables hydrofoils Corsica Ferries

The ferry company Lane Ferries carries out daily departures from and to the island of Elba to offer a comfortable and punctual service to all its passengers. The first departure from the port of Piombino by Hydrofoil direct to Portoferraio is around 7 a.m. The departure in the reverse direction, always with the fast half, but from Portoferraio to Piombino is at 8:45.

On average, the travel time is about 30-40 minutes. It is advisable to consult the timetables of hydrofoils to the island of Elba to find the time of departure and return more comfortable for your needs.

Ferry routes to the island of Elba

The company Corsica Ferries carries out daily the ferry from Piombino to Portoferraio with timetables that vary according to the season.

Offers of Corsica ferries tickets

Book and see the offers online for the routes offered by the ferry company Corsica Ferries is fast and easy. Tired comfortably at home just enter the data of your departure inside the ticket Office Online and compare all the offers available for the chosen way. You will be able to choose the most advantageous offer for your needs in terms of schedules and costs.

Booking conditions and boarding regulations

Passengers are required to embark only if they hold a regular travel title and will care for the individual to keep it for the duration of the journey. Passengers without a vehicle will then be able to present themselves in the boarding area with a time limit of 30 minutes from the departure time. On the contrary for those who intend to embark also the vehicle must show up in the pitch in front of the hydrofoil at least an hour in advance of the departure time.

Once you have passed the time limit, you will not be able to embark on the travel title you purchased. For those who embark on the vehicle it is essential to enter, at the time of booking the travel licence, all the data such as: measurements, motor power and plate.

Please note that each passenger is entitled to the free transpose of a single hand-beam whose dimensions must not exceed 20 cm in height, 10 cm wide and 50 cm deep.

It is possible to carry on board the hydrofoils of the company Corsica Ferries also the common domestic animals like for example: dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, etc… Small animals will have to travel in special cages and their transportation is completely free of charge. On the contrary dogs can be brought on a leash but you will need to book and pay their boarding. All pets that want to climb inside the hydrofoils of Corsica ferries must be provided with a regular certificate of vaccination and good health in course of validity.

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