Blu Navy: information about timetables, routes and tickets

The history of BluNavy is still to be written. In fact, its entry on line in the ferry services for the island of Elba dates back to the end of May 2010.

For years the island of Elba felt the need for a third actor in maritime transport to and from the island. Over the years there have been attempts by several shipping companies, existing or Costituende, to be accredited as third actor in the management of car and passenger connections to the island of Elba but they are all shipwrecked by difficulty Bureaucratic or technical.

In early December 2009 one has the umpteenth news of a race, by two shipping companies, to the award of 20% remaining free slots on the port of Piombino. The two companies in contention would be Corsica ferries-Sardinia ferries and BluNavy. The first has been active for years on Corsica and Sardinia, while the second has been active for years with daily small cruises in the Tuscan archipelago using smaller passenger units.

On March 22nd of 2010 the confirmation from the port committee arrives: It is decided, BluNavy will be the third shipping company for the Elbe. At this point, for the voice of the Administrator Antonio Dove, there are only to carry out all the technical and bureaucratic procedures, as well as the establishment of the company organization starting from the recruitment of the personnel on board and land. In mid-April the recruitment is opened and at the end of April the tests are carried out on the quay for the ship purchased: it will be the “Primrose” the ferry used by navy blue. A ship operating in northern Europe and complying with all new regulations, not new but renovated and certainly the largest of all competitors on the line.

Indeed, its dimensions prevent an easy docking to the port of cable while the evidence of mooring on Portoferraio is exceeded. It is revealed that behind the small company Blunavy there is a maritime group operating on the port of Genoa, the pretended. In the following days, at the same time as the publication of the date of the first race to be held on 28 May 2010, an important surprise variation is announced, since the activity of transport to and from the island of Elba will no longer be The Blunavy, small company of mini-cruises, but the “BN navigation“, a S.R.L. controlled to 100% by Pretenda, whose administrator becomes Giulio Saeed. BluNavy will still be the trade name.

Between the end of 2010 and the first months of 2011 is decided by the Port authority the assignment of additional slots that however BluNavy fails to win and that go to Corsica ferries-Sardinia ferries. Blunavy responds with the replacement of the onerous “Primerose” in favor of a modern and cheaper ferry, the “Achaeos“, which has special strengths. It is a two-way ferry (forward and stern identical and doing the same functions), it allows to eliminate the phases of manoeuvre inside the ports of arrival and departure making possible a considerable saving of time that can be translated in a Saving of fuel at the same time of travel. In fact, despite the “Achaeos” is able to reach the 16.5 knots of speed, it manages to spend one hour between Piombino and Portoferraio, being able to proceed to little more than 14 knots while the other ferries to respect the 60 minutes of ferrying must proceed to Higher speeds.

Compared to other companies is characterized by low cost rates, in many cases is the most economical solution to move to the island of Elba.

Blue Navy Ferries Schedule

The Blue Navy company makes daily departures to and from the island of Elba. The first departure from the port of Piombino to reach the Elbe is around 7:45 in the morning, you will reach the port of Portoferraio in an hour of navigation.

The first departure of the inverse from Portoferraio to Piombino is at 6:00 in the morning. You can consult all the ferry timetables for the island of Elba and choose the departure time that best suits your needs.

Profiles of the Blunavy ferry boats running to the Island of Elba:

Ferry routes to the island of Elba

The Navy makes daily the ferry from Piombino to Portoferraio to allow comfortable and safe travel to passengers.

Blue Navy ticket offers

book and see the Blue Navy ticket offers is really very simple. Just enter the times and the departure date inside the ticket Office Online and in a few moments you will be able to view all rates and travel solutions. Once you have chosen the most suitable solution to your needs you can proceed with the purchase and confirmation of the tickets.

Booking conditions and boarding regulations

It is recalled that the travel title is personal and cannot be ceded to third people. The ticket is valid only for the purchased deal. The passenger is required to keep the ticket in a suitable manner and to check at the time of purchase that the data reported on it are correct. Passengers can check-in within 15 minutes from the scheduled departure time. In the reverse for those who have a vehicle thereafter will have to go within a limit of 30 minutes.

For those who will have to board the vehicle will have to take into account different indications. For example, LPG-powered vehicles must declare it at the time of check-in and show up in the pitch in front of the ship with the tank empty. For cars with a length of more than 6 metres, a motorhome/Minivan ticket must be booked.

It should be remembered that cars will not be boarded in the order of arrival but on the basis of the requirements given by the commander or his subordinate.

Passengers travelling with pets are required to travel on the ship’s outer decks, showing the appropriate travel title for the transport of the animal. Each passeggerò can carry only one pet and once on the ship you will have to follow very precise rules. For example, dogs will have to carry out all the crossing with muzzle and have regular medical certificate in course of validity. It should be except for guide dogs for which the ticket is not provided.

More naval companies to and from the island of Elba

The following shipping companies carry out the routes to and from the island of Elba:

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