Moby: information about timetables, routes and tickets

The history of the shipping company Moby, main shipping company to book ferries to the island of Elba, was born in 1959 when Achille Onorato, neapolitan shipowner with several active companies, gives life to the NAV.AR.MA (navigation archipelago Maddalenino) with the aim of connecting the small islands of Sardinia.

In 1966 the Piombino-Portoferraio line was opened by transferring the ship that until that time was the Palau-La Maddalena line. The modern ferry, coming from northern Europe and renamed “Maria Maddalena“, faster than the predecessors on the line and, above all, able to carry cars, was one of the two ferries to give impetus to the nascent Elba tourism. Up to that time, with the exception of the ferry Aethalia of the Navigazione Toscana, arrived 4 years before, the very few cars transported were loaded on the bridge with cranes and cargo nets for the goods. The small ship, renamed affectionately “Calimero” by Elba, remained in line on Portoferraio-Piombino until 1978.

The expansion was very slow in the early years. In 1974 arrived the first ferry built specifically for the line towards the island of Elba and for the new routes from Piombino to Corsica, the “Bastia”. In 1981 comes the twin “Giraglia”, the first still in line between Santa Teresa di Gallura and Bonifacio and the second in line on Piombino-Cavo and Piombino-Portoferraio.

A big change took place in 1982 with the purchase of the “Free Enterprise II” ferry from Northern Europe, which was used between Bastia and Piombino under the name “Moby Blue“. Thanks to the large capacity of the ferry and the fact that to gracefully the line a little ‘ old, was painted a large blue whale on the side. Many began to identify the company with the word Moby and the great whale, so that the children asked the parents to take the ferry with the whale. It probably came from here the great intuition to insist on the graphic line of the whales for all the successive ships purchased which carried, in the following years, even to the variation of the name of the company in Moby Lines. In the same way, it was innovative the choice to equip the larger ships of children’s play area, particularly appreciated by the parents.

The Moby Lines fleet has increased dramatically in recent years. Three new ships were built between 2000 and 2005, the “Moby Wonder” and the “Moby Freedom” and then “Moby Aki”, three large fast ferries with cabins suitable also for cruises, placed in line on Corsica and Sardinia from Genoa, Livorno and Civitavecchia and the Previous holders of the same lines (Moby Baby, Moby Love, Moby Lally) were definitively transferred to the routes from Piombino to Portoferraio. For more information on the fleet and ferry routes you can contact the shipping company at the following telephone available from Monday to Friday from 8am to 18:30 and Saturday from 8am to 13.

Moby Ferry timetables

Every day there are many ferries that connect the island of Elba to the other ports of Italy. The first departure from Portoferraio is scheduled in the morning around 6:30 and on average the sailing time is 1 hour until the port of Piombino. On the contrary, the first ferry to go to the island of Elba is at 6am.

Moby Lines makes available to its passengers very frequent departures, to know all the proposals you can consult the timetables of ferries to the island of Elba to evaluate the best solution for your needs.

Below are the detailed profiles of the ships in the Moby fleet currently serving as ferries to the Island of Elba:

Ferry routes to the island of Elba

Moby Lines runs daily the ferry from Piombino to Portoferraio to allow passengers to reach the island of Elba.

 Offers tickets Moby ships

Through the online budget you can consult all the offers to and from the island of Elba without having to go to the ticket office. By filling in the online booking system with just a few clicks I will be able to buy the ticket at the best offer and choose the most comfortable departure time for your needs.

Booking conditions and boarding regulations

Before you log in to the ship it is necessary to check in with a personal travel certificate and a recognition document. The ticket cannot be transferred to third parties, it is valid only for the purchased trade and in case of loss or theft must be promptly communicated.

Once the ticket has been shown to the staff, it will be possible to embark, up to 30 minutes first for passengers without a vehicle. Those who want to embark on the MobyLines ferries to the island of Elba also the vehicle will have to present you in the square in front of the ship within a time not less than 90 minutes.

Vehicles will board the ship not in order of arrival but on the basis of the provisions communicated by the Commandee or its subordinates. For those driving a vehicle powered by LPG or methane it is necessary to declare the power of the motor when the ticket is made online.

For those who want to board pets it is good to remember that they must also be provided with a regular ticket, to present where required the appropriate documentation for the vaccination against rabies and a medical certificate in course of validity.

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