Shipping Companies

On the Traghetti Elba Reservation website, you’ll find all the shipping companies that offer ferry services to the Island of Elba; they are all connected in real time to offer you the best possible service and display ferry timetables, availability, and prices.

The shipping companies that offer ferries to and from the Island of Elba are:

The map shows ferry positions and information in real time

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Ships and Shipping Companies Guide – Elba

You can download a guide to ferries to the Island of Elba and shipping companies from this page. The guide is 14 pages long and contains the history of the shipping companies and all the technical data sheets for every ship running to and from the Island of Elba, as well as photographs to identify all the details on the on-board services, the dimensions, logos, and much more.

Download here the guide about Ferries and Shipping Companies – Elba

The people of Elba see the sea like an obstacle, a limit but also like a protection from the outsider word. The island is connected with Italy throught an efficient and continuous ferry service. It’s operated by two companies: Toremar and Moby Lines, and they cross continually the Piombino’s channel.
The Elba’s Island is easy to reach with ferries but for tourist it’s very difficult to choose the best offer and pay the lowest price because the tariff could be modified depending on the availability of ferry. Also Ferry Elba Reservation has created a search engine where tourist can simply confront the prise and the availability of two companies to select the best offer according to their needs.