Book a ferry from Piombino: information and connections with Elba island

The port of Piombino is one of the main Italian ports to take ferries to Elba island.

It is easily accessible by car, plane, train and bus, thanks to its central location. Every day from the port of Piombino the shipping companies Corsica Ferries, Blue Navy, Moby and Toremar ensure the frequency of cable rides, Portoferraio and Rio Marina.

Port of Piombino

How to buy a ticket to Elba island from the port of Piombino

Considering the high influx of passengers we suggest you to buy the ticket to Elba island online. Take advantage of our online booking system, fill in all the fields and consult all the schedules and rates of the various companies in a single screen.

Tickets will be sent by email in the printable version or by regular mail paying a surcharge. In case of doubt or necessity call our call center 0565960130, active from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 20:00.

Embark or land cars and passengers at the port of Piombino

Once arrived at the port of Piombino the dock is well marked by large signs that direct the cars: at the roundabout they have already bought the ticket must go straight while for those who do not have a ticket must go to the left. There are temporary car parks in the area adjacent to the ticket office.

At the entrance of the embarks there are light signs indicating the pier of each ship. In addition, the beginning of each pier indicates the next departure, the name of the company and the timetable. These instructions are enough to figure out where to park your car while waiting for the ship.

Throughout the summer and during the periods of greater affluence are present along the way of the embarkation of the port operators of all the companies that will guide you and give directions on the row in which to insert inside the stops for the embarkation. At the time of embarkation the operators of the company will indicate the manoeuvre to be made with the car before going on the ramp of the ship and in which row to place inside the hold of the ferry.

Arriving at the destination will be announced through the loudspeakers of the ship the next dock, while the drivers of the car will be invited to go down and prepare for the landing. All other passengers will have to use the side stairs and wait for the exit of the vehicles on the pier.

Companies departing from Piombino to the Elba island

How to reach the port of Piombino

The port of Civitavecchia is well connected and accessible from all over Italy by car, train, bus or plane.

How to reach the port of Piombino by car

  • For those travelling by car, you can reach the port of Piombino from the A12, A1 and Rome – Civitavecchia motorways.
  • Those arriving from the north from the A12 Genova-Livorno motorway must exit at Rosignano and then take the Livorno – Grosseto motorway, exit at Venturina and continue on the Aurelia (SS 398).
  • Those coming from the south from the Roma – Civitavecchia motorway must exit the Livorno – Grosseto Freeway and exit for Venturina and then continue on the Aurelia (SS 398).
  • If you arrive from the highway A1 Bologna-Firenze-Pisa-Livorno, take the exit Rosignano and take the motorway Livorno-Grosseto, exit at Venturina and continue on the variant Aurelia (SS 398).
  • Who arrives from Firenze-Pisa-Livorno must exit at Firenze Signa and follow the SS to Collesalvetti and then return on the motorway until reaching Rosignano Marittima and follow the expressway until Venturina and then continue on the Aurelia (SS 398).
  • Once you arrive at the city of Piombino to get to the port just follow the signs to Piazzale Premuda.

How to reach the port of Piombino by train

  • The port of Piombino can also be reached by train: here it is the railway station of Piombino Marittima, which is about 80 meters from the maritime station where are the ticket office and the embarkations.
  • The Piombino Marittima-Campiglia line is connected to the Genova-Pisa-Roma line and intercity trains from these routes stop.
  • In Sarzana, through the Pontremolese line, it connects to the Brenner’s street, crossing the productive basin of the Pianura Padana, while in Grosseto it connects to the Siena-Chiusi line.
  • In the complex where the maritime station is located there is a grocery store, a bar, a newsstand, some services, an information office: a quiet place where you can refresh while waiting for ferries to Elba.

How to reach the Porto f Piombino by bus

The bus lines connecting the port with the city are: 02A, 011, 21, 49M.

How to reach the port of Piombino by plane

Pisa Airport is the closest to the port of Piombino. From here there are transfer that in about an hour lead to the boarding dock.

Address of the Port of Piombino

The address of the port of Piombino is Piazzale Premuda Marittima Station – 57025 Piombino.

Car parks

Just a few steps from the embarkation docks, the maritime station is served by an adjacent free parking area of 400 seats for short stops up to 2 hours and other paid parking lots of 800 seats for long stops.

Port services

If you have arrived very early you may have to wait even half an hour, you can leave the car and enjoy the services of the port, a bar, a grocery and a newsstand.

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