From Piombino to Rio Marina: information on ferries and reservations

Rio Marina was the mining centre of the island of Elba, as it appears from the hilly landscapes characterized by the typical reddish hues of iron. The life of the small village has been linked for millennia to the extraction and transport of ferrous material and, only recently, with the closure of the mines, the way of tourism has taken, also thanks to the new route ferry from Piombino to Rio Marina.

Ferries from Piombino to Rio Marina

How to book a boat to Rio Marina da Piombino, information about cost tickets and offers

What you have to do to book the ferries from Piombino to Rio Marina will fill out the online booking system, taking care to fill out all the fields and choosing between the different combinations of times and prices proposed.

Travel times, frequency and times of fast routes to Rio Marina

Travel times, frequency and times fast routes for Rio Marina The travel time is estimated at an average of 45 minutes, with frequent daily departures from 7 a.m. to 17:30 p.m.

Car boarding Piombino, baggage and animals on board

To board vehicles aboard the ferry, you must arrive at the embarkation dock at least 2 hours before, remembering that only the driver can access the ship’s garage.

Luggage can be left in the trunk of the car or taken with you on board, but in the size of one per person.

Animals are allowed on board, but must be provided with a travel licence, documentation of vaccination against rabies (if required) and a valid medical certificate.

Airlines with routes from Piombino

The ferry Route Piombino – Rio Marina is served by Toremar, which will guarantee you a safe and comfortable trip.

Ship features for Rio Marina

The Toremar fleet is equipped with many services on board: bar, Air conditioning, lifts for disabled people, video games, solarium and playgrounds for children.

Holiday ideas: What to visit, see and do in Rio Marina

Rio Marina is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating centres on the island of Elba, mainly because of its past. This is the land of iron and wine, surrounded by a brightly coloured impervious coastline, offering breathtaking views thanks to its unspoilt nature and wildness that every year makes thousands of tourists fall in love.

 More route from Piombino

The Tuscan port links other routes to the island of Elba, specifically Piombino-Cavo and Piombino-Portoferraio.