Information and booking route Ferry Piombino Cavo

If you want to spend a holiday by the sea, in a relaxing and holiday atmosphere, you just have to book one of the ferry from Piombino to Cavo.

Ferries from Piombino to Cavo

How to book a boat for cable from Piombino, information on cost tickets and offers

To book the ferries from Piombino to Cavo just fill in the special online reservation system, taking care to fill all the fields, choosing between the timetables and offers proposed by the companies.

Fast travel times, frequency and times for Cavo

The travelling time varies depending on the shipping company, the date and time of your trip, but it is between 15 and 30 minutes, with daily departures from 7:00 a.m. to 20:00 p.m.

Car boarding Piombino, baggage and animals on board

To embark your car you will have to introduce yourself about 2 hours before the departure and leave the car inside the garage of the ship with the brake hand pulled and the first gear inserted.

Luggage can be kept in the car, in the cabin (if booked), or taken on board. Please note that only one baggage per person is allowed.

Pets are welcome on board, but must be provided with a travel licence, documentation of vaccination against rabies (if required) and valid medical certificate.

Airlines with routes from Piombino

The Piombino – Cavo is served by some of the best shipping companies, with a long-term experience. Any examples? Moby and Toremar.

Features ship for Cavo

The fast ships of the fleet Moby and Toremar are all equipped with catering services like bars and restaurants, but also entertainment services for young and old. You can enjoy the short crossing taking advantage of the passage on the bridge of the ferry.

Holiday ideas: what to visit, see and do in Cavo

Cavo is the most well-known centre of this side of Elba Island. The village’s beach stretches over a long stretch of coastline for over 400 metres, along a beautiful promenade embellished by palm trees and sculptures.

The beach of Cavo is ideal for those who want to spend a day at the beach in a pleasant way, in a holiday atmosphere and relaxed, ideal also for families with children, thanks to the mixed gravel bottom that slopes gently in a crystal clear sea.

More Route from Piombino

The Tuscan port links other routes to the island of Elba, specifically Piombino-Rio Marina and Piombino-Portoferraio.