Book a ferry to the port of Rio Marina: information and connections with Elba island

There are many ferries to Elba island that connect every day with the mainland and Rio Marina is one of the main port for a holiday on the island.

The Piombino-Rio Marina is connected by the Toremar shipping company. The frequency of the races with Rio Marina is intensified during peak season, with connections from 8:20 to 17:30 hours. At least one daily connection between the mainland and the island is guaranteed in the low season.

Port of Rio Marina

How to buy a ticket to Rio Marina

The way to buy tickets can be done through our online booking system, highly recommended considering the high influx of passengers.

Tickets will be sent by regular mail, paying a small surcharge, or via email with the possibility of being printed.

For any need, we always recommend to call our call center at number 0565960130, Monday to Friday from 9:00 hours to 20:00.

Embark or land cars and passengers at the port of Rio Marina

The embarkation for Piombino is at the end of a pier about one hundred meters long. The lane that arrives there can only accommodate two rows of machines, for this reason the space of manoeuvre is rather narrow. It is advisable to show up in advance and take a seat in line to not wait too long.

In principle we always recommend to arrive at least 2 hours before if you have to embark a vehicle, while if you are on foot you can get 1 hour earlier than the scheduled time.

Only the driver can drive inside the ship’s garage and, as well as for the landing manoeuvres, must always follow the instructions of the Board staff.

Companies departing from port of Rio Marina to the Elba island

Toremar is responsible for connecting Rio Marina to the mainland.

How to reach the port of Rio Marina

Rio Marina is easily accessible by car, train and air.

How to get to the port of Rio Marina by car

The only road that leads to Rio Marina, both from the west of the island and from the north, is SP 26. North along the coast you will reach port of Cavo while in the west you pass inland. Towards the south the SP 26 allows you to reach the beautiful Porto Azzurro. Continuing west on the SP 32, you arrive at Portoferraio.

How to get to the port of Rio Marina by bus

The port of Rio Marina is served by the 117 line. The stops are very far from the embarkation: if you are travelling on foot you will have to travel about 200 meters to get to the ferry dock. The 117 line to the North is directed to Porto Cavo, the opposite direction can alternately reach different destinations, Portoferraio Calata Italia, Porto Azzurro Cemetery and Rio d’Elba.

How to get to the port of Rio Marina by plane

The Marina di Campo airport is 27 km away, for a 45-minute journey.

Address of the port of Rio Marina

The address of the Port of Rio Marina has fallen of the faces, 57038 Rio Marina (LI).

Car parks

In Via Roma there is a paid video parking equipped for all types of vehicles and open all year round.

Port services

The port of Rio Marina offers the possibility to moor about 200 boats up to 16 meters in length. On the ground there are all the services for the boats including water and electric current. 206 are the moorings up to 16 meters, with a seabed of 1.30 meters in a port that is well sheltered and perfectly integrated in the center of a typical seaside village.

The history of the port

The port of Rio Marina is the second by order of importance, after Portoferraio. It owes its construction to the mining of the eastern Elba: it was the ideal point for the loading of the material extracted from the nearby mines of the municipalities of Rio and Rio Marina, on the ships of transport. Over the years the wooden loading jetties have left room for iron loading jetties and a marquee dam to protect, lengthened several times.

With the decrease and progressively the end of the extractive activities, there was the consequent abandonment, as well as the removal, of part of the loading port equipments. However, the marquee part of the port has been extended and reinforced in the years, so you can accommodate the Toremar ferries that ensure the connection on the Piombino-Rio Marina.

Le tratte attive dal porto