Ferries to Portoferraio: information and connections with the Elba island

The port of Portoferraio is ideal for you who are looking for information for your next vacation. It is one of the most important port to Elba island.

Portoferraio is the main port of arrival of ferries to Elba island, which has in active numerous rides every day with the port of Piombino. Clearly the frequency of the races is intensified in the months of high season, but also in the low season is assured by the shipping companies Torremar and Moby. The coverage of the connections ranges from 5:00 hours to 22:00 hours.

The port of Portoferraio is located along the northern coast of the island, within the wide and homonymous bay. It consists of two distinct parts: the real port and the roadstead.

Port of Portoferraio

How to buy a ticket to Portoferraio

Our advice is only one: rely on our online booking system that will allow you to consult all times and prices in a single screen.

Once the purchase is completed, the tickets sent by mail will be available in the printable version, those sent by ordinary mail, paying a small supplement, in paper version.

For any eventuality we invite you to call our call center at number 0565960130, active Monday to Saturday from 9:00 hours at 20:00.

Embark or land cars and passengers at the port of Portoferraio

The embarkation for the ferries and the parking spaces for the cars are located after the crossing of the road Viale Elba with the road Calata Italia. The parking places for the cars departing for Piombino are not large, therefore, in the days of great influx at the port (typically on high season Saturdays), you can create queues on the main artery connecting Portoferraio with the rest of Elba. It is advisable to start at the embarks well in advance.

For passengers with a vehicle we recommend to arrive at least 2 hours earlier than the departure indicated on the ticket and to follow the instructions of the crew to park the vehicle inside the garage of the ship. Remember that during the navigation you will not be able to get into the garage.

Passengers without a vehicle can arrive about 1 hour before and can use the lateral pedestrian entrance for boarding.

The landing area of the port is of small size, reason why you do not have time to stop near the ship. Before landing, we suggest you to agree a meeting point with those travelling with you along the road, left or right, taking as reference the bar in front of the landing square. The port is near the city so once you have landed, you will have all the services and shops of the place.

Companies departing to Piombino from Elba

How to reach the port of Portoferraio

The port of Portoferraio is easily accessible by car, bus or plane.

How to get to the port of Portoferraio by car

The port of Portoferraio is connected to the island by two provincial roads: SP 24 towards the West and the SP 26 towards the east. These meet near the village, becoming SP 24 in a large roundabout, reached which, you have to continue northwards. Arrived at the port, SP 24 becomes the road down Italy that runs along the port crossing the various quays, until the embarkation for the port of Portoferraio.

 How to get to the port of Portoferraio by bus

The stops are very far from the embarkation: if you are travelling on foot you will have to travel about 200 meters to get to the ferry dock. The port of Portoferraio is served by the 1,2,3,4,5,6,116,117,118 line.

How to get to the port of Portoferraio by plane

The Marina di Campo airport is 13 km away, for Portoferraio.

Address of the port of Portoferraio

The address of the Port of Portoferraio is Piazzale della Linguella, 4, 57037

Car parks

If you want to look for a parking space for your vehicle in Portoferraio, know that there is a ZTL in the bounded area starting from Calata Mazzini, to the order of Via Lambardi and the clock of Via Marconi.


The history of the port

The Darsena Medicea built in the sixteenth century as a fortified port for the grand-ducal fleet, now used as a landing place for recreational units, leads to the meeting with the Calata Depositi and the quay d’Alto Fondale.

L’Alto Fondale, through a quay, joins the Calata Italia which extends to the far south of the port area. From here, there are three piers that serve as terminal for ferries connecting the Elba with the port of Piombino.

The harbour of the Darsena Medicea has been equipped with all the comforts of a modern port: personal, water, electricity, simplified and assisted mooring, and other services to welcome travelers in the best possible way.

Around the Darsena there is Portoferraio and its old town, made of beautiful views and a cheerful and quiet atmosphere. Don’t miss a visit to the Napoleonic residence of the mills, the Archeological museum and the Pinacoteca Foresiana.


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